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Because individual circumstances can differ completely, there are options within the U.S. bankruptcy code which can apply more appropriately to your personal financial situation. Edwin H. Breyfogle provides the wise counsel you can trust to put your mind, and your wallet, at ease. 
Chapter 7: Basic liquidation for individuals and businesses, also known as “Straight Bankruptcy,” is the simplest and quickest form of bankruptcy available.

Chapter 11: Rehabilitation or reorganization, used primarily by business debtors but sometimes by individuals with substantial debts and assets known as “Corporate Bankruptcy”, is a form of corporate financial reorganization which typically allows companies to continue to function while they follow debt repayment plans.

Chapter 12: Rehabilitation for family farmers and fishermen.

Chapter 13: Rehabilitation with a payment plan for individuals who have a source of regular income and enables individuals with regular income to develop a plan to repay all or part of their debts is also known as “Wage Earner Bankruptcy.”

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